Silver Standard: OED uses a Silver standard for money. A Silver Piece in OED has the buying power of a GP in traditional sources. In published sources, replace references to “gold pieces’ with “silver pieces”, keeping original amount. Silver becomes Copper, Platinum becomes Gold and so on.

Calculating Value: For mundane items, take the historical value in shillings x3 for SP value.

Treasure Hordes: The Judge should place one or two “big hauls” on the first few levels of the dungeon, such as a magic item or gems & jewels. These hauls serve as a source of rumors and a “call to action” for starting parties.

For any empty rooms in a dungeon, there is a 1 in 6 chance that a (hidden) treasure is present.

For rooms with monsters, there is a 3 in 6 chance that treasure is present.

The table below dictates the type of treasure present.

Type Chance Quantity* Value (sp)
Copper 1 in 6 2d6 x 50 x dungeon level N/A
Silver 1 in 6 2d6 x 20 x dungeon level N/A
Gold 1 in 6 2d6 x 5 x dungeon level N/A
Gems 1 in 6 d6 x dungeon level d6 x 20 each
Jewelry 1 in 6 1 3d6 x 50 x level
Magic 2 in 6 1 **

* Boost: For each treasure type present, there is a 2 in 6 chance for an increased yeild as shown below.

Type Boost Die shows a 1 Boost Die shows a 2
Coins Double Amount Increase denomination: cp → sp → ep → gp → pp
Gems Double Amount Double Value
Jewelry +1 in Quantity Double Value
Magic +1 in Quantity +1 in Quantity

** Magic items can be generated using the tables in Vol II page 23, or Paul’s Game Blog: The Magic Table.

Wands/Staves: Wands can hold a maximum of 20 charges and have d10+10 charges when found. Staves can have a maximum of 40 charges and have d20+20 charges when found.

Magic Item Saves: Possess a +2 bonus to saves and rolls to resist harm for each plus or special ability.

Intelligent Swords: When in conflict; d20 + (Character Intelligence + Charisma) – (Sword Ego + Intelligence) + Wound Modifier ≥ 20.

Wound Modifier: Full HP = +15, Half or more = +10, Less than Half = +5.

Experience Points

In OED, characters gain Experience Points for the recovery of treasure, defeat of monsters, and carousing. Ability Scores/Prime Requisites do not modify XP earned.

XP for Treasure: Character’s earn 1 Experience Point for each Silver Piece value of coin, gems, jewelry they return to civilization.

XP for Monsters: The base XP for monsters is equal to 100 x (Equivalent) Hit Dice (see Monsters below)

XP for Carousing: When in town, players can spend d6x 100sp per week to carouse, gaining an amount of xp equal to the coin spent (this amount can be adjusted based on the size of the community). They must save vs poison or suffer a mishap. If they cannot afford the rolled cost, they also suffer a mishap. Mishaps can include; tavern brawls, jailed, a tattoo, hangovers, or anything that could jump-start an adventure.

For more ideas see: Jeff Rients’ Carousing.